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Stuart Saunders

Born in Sydney, Stuart grew up on the Tweed, in northern NSW, Australia. Stuarts' father, Quentin, was a surveyor, town planner, sugar cane farmer and inventor. One of Quentins' pet projects was an early proposal for a Cross Harbour Tunnel for Sydney; connecting Mosman to Double Bay. Unfortunately, however, the evidence was against him; the then available statistics showed that all wanted to travel from Sydney CBD to Milsons Point!

Quentin also invented solutions to farming problems, and researched & formulated solutions to diseases of sugar cane. He was a great source of inspiration for Stuart.

Stuart studied Industrial Design at the University of NSW, whilst undergoing a traineeship with British Leyland. During this time Stuart invented a simple yet sophisticated suspension system for the Leyland Mini, and with his Dad invented a unique 4WD system for East - West engined vehicles. 

Around this time, in the early '70s, Stuart read the book 'The Limits to Growth', agreeing with its' rather obvious conclusions. Since then, much of his thinking, designing and inventing has been focused on environmental sustainability.

Upon graduation, Stuart went to North Queensland teaching, and then to Brisbane. All the while he continued to invent; including other differentials and four wheel drive systems, a world leading CPU cooler, and a wireless stereo system. This last invention was to win for him the Queensland Inventor of the Year Award. 

While living in Taiwan developing his inventions, Stuart also designed a comprehensive new Urban Rail Line, called 'YangMingShan MRT Line' which may one day help Taipei become one of the most liveable cities in a post car / post carbon world, saving over one million tonnes of fossil fuel per year, & keeping 3,000 tonnes of pollution out of Taipeis' air every day. Stuart received the Award for Engineering Excellence at the 2013 Metro World Summit in Shanghai,  for YangMingShan MRT Line.

Stuart designed & manufactured novel vacuum screen printers and screen print dryers in Taiwan, and is also now manufacturing a cooker for a traditional S.E. Asian dessert which reduces CO2 production by over 99% - from using 250 kg of fuel to less than 2.0 kg, also eliminating smoke, soot and ash. 

Stuart travelled a lot marketing his inventions. Being a keen flosser, he always carried floss in his pocket, but found this to be very uncomfortable. So he set out to design a ‘comfortable’ dental floss, but it must at least hold the industry standard of 50m / 55 yds of lightly waxed, high tenacity  floss.  After months of trial and error, Stuart produced a working model of what has now become "FlossFirst Credit Card Dental Floss" that also offered a unique marketing proposition. Watsons of Taiwan placed a first order for 1,000 pcs; production capacity is now 250,000 cards per month, and FlossFirst now contains upt to an amazing 60m, or 200 ft of floss! (60M by special order)

Stuarts environmental concern also shows through in FlossFirst; 
• firstly, it is the most 
convenient floss to carry and use, helping students, workers and travelers to achieve best oral hygiene & oral health; 
• and secondly, by maximising floss length (up to 60M), the amount of material to be disposed of at end of life 
(FlossFirst can be recycled) is minimized, and the benefit to promoters and consumers is greatest, with up to 6 month useful life.

The factory is based in Chonburi province, south east of Bangkok, and supplies customers internationally in fields as diverse as airlines, tourism, pharmaceuticals, promotion, the dental profession and retail; even weddings!.

Stuart talks 'oral hygiene' to Pattaya City Expats Club, 7th December, 2012

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Above: Our happy staff are ready to prepare your order.

Below: Stuart delivering a floss workshop to underprivileged rural children in Thailand 
– part of the company’s ongoing commitment to oral hygiene education

And to appreciative students of the Mechai Pattana School in Pattaya, Chonburi Province.

Graduate of Dominion Dental School, Wellington, New Zealand 

Contact Anne  Ph: +61 (0) 423 900 350 +61 (0) 755 365 410


Following Graduation from the Dominion Dental School, in Wellington, New Zealand, Anne practised as a Dental Therapist in rural communities in Canterbury, the King Country and Taranaki, before moving to Australia. Dental Therapy had not yet been practised in Australia, so she worked as a dental nurse in both General and  Orthodontic Dental Practices. During this time she was involved with the Dental Nurses Association, becoming President of the Victorian Branch, also serving as an advisor to the Dental Board of Victoria. 

Anne became the  Supervising Dental Therapist on the establishment of the Australian Dental Therapy Scheme in Victoria in 1975, at the Dental Therapy Training School, St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Anne has had a life long interest in oral hygiene and orthodontics, lobbying for free orthodontic treatment for all Australian children in recent times.

"‘FlossFirst’ is the product the dental profession has long been waiting for. The name alone is helpful, as the question of flossing before or after is one asked frequently. It is ethical in every approach; the quality of the floss, the provision of correct friction, and as for the quantity, when the card is empty it is time for a check-up! The educational graphics make a seemingly difficult task simple."

"My aim is to help people to smile with confidence." says Anne. 

More about Anne from the pages of 'Vital', the Journal of the British Dental Association.

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