FlossFirst Credit Card Dental Floss is supplied as standard with 50 metres of 630 denier High Tenacity Nylon floss, with a light wax coating. After much experimentation, this floss has been found to give the cleanest 'mouth feel’ following flossing, and is the most requested.

The promotional flyer can be downloaded and printed from here.

Also available as an option (and subject to availability) is 50 M Tape style PTFE floss, (the same material as Teflon), with a very low coefficient of friction, for those with tight interstices, and for maximum shred resistance.

Other floss yarns, treatments & lengths (up to 66M, or 200 ft) available. Contact for quotation.


The finished FlossFirst card measures 86mm x 54mm x 4mm.


Have our designer create your FlossFirst design, or create it yourself. 

You can do it yourself with our simple instructions.

Download specifications for artwork. ARTWORK SPECS.PDF

We can insert, and colour match to your design, the “How to Floss” educational graphics illustrated below FREE OF CHARGE.

Swing Bags and Plastic Covers

FlossFirst can be packaged in a variety of ways

Above; Personal, hygienic plastic wallet      

Below: Promotional tamper proof clear cello wallet

Above: Printed retail swing pack

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