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Credit Card Dental Floss

Welcome to 'FlossFirst', a unique product that has won international acclaim - winning Gold for the 'Best New Health Product' at the International Invention Exhibition & Technomart.

FlossFirst for Consumers

Our founder, and designer of FlossFirst Credit Card Dental Floss, Stuart, faced an age old problem as a frequent flyer; how to keep good oral hygiene during extensive travelling. He had tried the conventional floss packs from the major players, but at the better part of an inch thick, these could not be carried comfortably in ones pocket. So he set out to design a 'comfortable' dental floss; hence ‘FlossFirst', 50 M* of High Tenacity Floss in a Credit Card sized pack, just 4 mm (1/6th inch) thin, which is carried easily in pocket or purse!  

This convenience is now available to consumers wherever FlossFirst Credit Card Dental Floss is sold. 

Used as recommended, FlossFirst facilitates the highest level of oral hygiene, for assured breath freshness and best dental health.

FlossFirst for Dentists

FlossFirst is a tailor printed dental floss package, the size of a credit card, that promotes dental health, and your business, at the same time. It is a Distinctive, Ethical and Effective promotional tool that will be kept and used, and will continue to promote your business long after it leaves your office.

Why Promotional Floss?

• FlossFirst is unique; a business card that will be used and retained, slipping easily into your pocket, and lasting between dental recall visits.

• FlossFirst is the most ethical dental promotion, also for any who have  a 'duty of care' their clients; Airlines, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Spas, etc. 

• FlossFirsts' very name educates, its action promotes oral hygiene which is the basis for general good health. FlossFirst, designed to last, contains 50m* of high grade floss, and with your contact details, map, photos etc on this product, it will become 'word of mouth' advertising, literally! 

• FlossFirst is inexpensive. It is also fully tax deductible in many countries. 

 (*630 denier nylon - also available, PTFE, 50M. Also, 60M available, special order)

Gold Medal for 'Best New Health Product' at the 
International Invention Exhibition & Technomart.

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